When a teenage, active participation in rock and pop bands in his home town Buenos Aires.

From 2012 to 2015, was founder member of “Proyecto Nacarola”. Leaded by the argentinian Singer Carolina Gonzalez (now living in New York City, USA), this band was an innovation in Buenos Aires music scene, merging hip-hop, rap, soul, jazz and rock. It recorded only one album, called “Proyecto Nacarola”, edited in May 2014, getting good response of the fans and the critics.

Since 2012 when he started playing jazz, he became an active musician in Buenos Aires´s Jazz Scene.

He leads “Martin Iaies 4” formed by Andres Tarditti (alto sax), Andres Chirulnicoff (double-bass) and Martín Freiberg (drums). This group plays only music written by Martin that was recorded in the first album of the band, called “Rewind & FF”, which will be released in August 2018 by the independent label “Club del Disco

In 2014 with the pianist Noel Morroni he formed the band “Feelin´ the spirit”. They play the standards and spirituals that the guitar player Grant Green use to play in the early 60´s. Nacho Szulga (double-bass) and Alejandro Dixon (drums) complete the band´s rhythm section.

Since 2016 he leads with drummer Francisco “Mono” Valle the “Pincha Trio”. They play jazz standards giving them a very personal esthetic.

In parallel, he´s a very often guest of pianist Adrian Iaies in all of his bands.

As a sideman, he plays since 2012 with the singer Catu Hardoy and since 2016 with the singer Nicole Kaplan. In both cases, they play jazz standards.

Besides, he is the guitar player and the arranger of the folk singer Gisela Farías since 2016. In these days they are recording the third album of Gisela, the first one that only have original compositions of her and which will be released in the last months of 2018.

In consequence, he was lucky to share the stage with very renowned musicians of the local jazz scene as Adrián Iaies, Mariano Loiácono, Juan Bayón, Bruno Varela, Pepi Taveira, Eloy Michelini, Sebastián Loiácono, Diana Arias and Facundo Guevara, and to play in important venues in different cities. We can mention la Sala Argentina and the Salón de Honor of Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK), the sala Enrique Muiño of Centro Cultural General San Martín (CCGSM), the most important jazz clubs as Thelonious and Bebop, Café Vinilo, Niceto Club, Makena,  Villa Ocampo (UNESCO) in Buenos Aires, and also in other cities like y Cariló, Pinamar, San Martín de los Andes (Neuquén), Puerto Rico (Misiones), and standing out the club Fine and Rare in New York City (USA).




Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on July 18th 1990, Martín Iaies started his musical studies at the age of 4, taking piano lessons with his grandmother Betty Grinjot and his father, the renowmed jazz pianist and composer Adrian Iaies. A few years later, he took lessons with the very renowned classic pianist Susana Kasakoff.

At the age of 14, left the piano and started studying guitar, the instrument he plays nowadays. In paralell, during the years 2017 and 2018 he study harmony, counterpoint and composition with maestro Daniel Montes.

In 2010 he auditioned succesfully to the Jazz Course in the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (Buenos Aires, Argentina), getting the degree in the year 2015.

In 2014 he auditioned succesfully to the Jazz Course in the Conservatorio Superior Manuel de Falla (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

During this period, he was lucky for taking guitar lessons with maestros Armando Alonso, Juan Pablo Arredondo, Sergio Álvarez, Marcelo Gutfraind, Javier Cohen, Marcelo Kitay and Leo Álvarez; improvisation studies with the trumpet players Mariano Loiácono and Juan Cruz de Urquiza, and jazz ensemble studies with Eloy Michelini, Ernesto Jodos, Pablo Raposo, Ariel Goldemberg and Carlos Lastra.

In March 2017, he auditioned succesfully for playing in the Big Band of the Jazz Course of the Conservatorio Manuel de Falla, conducted by Valentín Reiners.

In the years 2013 and 2017, he spend some weeks in New York City (USA), where he took private lessons with the guitar players Peter Bernstein, Jack Wilkins, Gilad Hekselman, Peter Mazza, Rory Stuart and Bob DeVos, and improvisation lessons with the baritone saxophone player Gary Smulyan and the trumpet player Ralph Alessi.




He teachs privately ininterrupted since the year 2008. The lessons are oriented from the guitar, but also working on harmony and counterpoint, composition, arrangements, repertoire, audio training and music computing.

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